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Best Free Samples

Here are today’s best free samples for you to snag:

Free 2-year Subscription to Cosmopolitan

cosmopolitan magazine free subscription

Get the latest trend in style and fashion with this Free 2-year Cosmopolitan subscription.

Company: Mercury

Item: Feminine Magazine

Process: Fill out a form

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Free Unio NFC Tag for Your Phone

Unio tag

Snag a Free Unio NFC Tag for your mobile device!

Share your social media accounts, contact info, website, content, videos, Linkedin, payment apps, almost anything, all in one shot. It includes a tag that you stick to the back of your phone so that you can have people tap their phone’s NFC reader to your Unio tag for instant information exchange.

Company: Unio

Item: Mobile NFC Tag

Process: Fill out a form by clicking on the “START” button at the end of  the Unio page.

Snag it below.

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FREE NBA 2K21 PC Game Download

NBA 2k21 Free Download

Epic Games is offering the download of the popular PC Game NBA 2K21 for Free.

Nice present for kids and adults!


Company: Epic Games

Item: Video Game

Process: Free purchase

Notes: Sale ends 5/27/2021 at 4:00 PM

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Free Ring Sizer

ring sizer

Snag a Free Ring Sizer.

Find Your Ring Size easily.


Company: IrishShop

Item: RingSizer

Process: Fill out a form

Notes: Shipping to US and Canada

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Free Overnight Underwear Sample by Mail

TENA Incontinence

Get TENA Incontinence Products for Free

TENA offers a full range of products from light bladder leakage protection to heavy incontinence pads and adult diapers. No matter what level of urine leakage you experience, TENA offers free samples of our trusted products for you to try in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Click the link below and answer two quick questions to get your free sample pack by mail. You can request one free trial kit per year, and up to four per lifetime.

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FREE Stress-Free Retirement by Patrick Kelly Book

Retire Stress-Free book

Get the Patrick Kelly’s Stress-Free Retirement book.

No strings attached: just a FREE book shipped for FREE.

In this book, Patrick will show you how to:

Protect your life’s savings against loss.
An income stream you cannot outlive.
Receive uncapped upside gain potential with zero risk of loss.
Stop paying annual management fees to stockbrokers and money managers.
  • Leave some comments below after you receive and read it.

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FREE Depends Guards Sample Pack

Bladder leakage may happen anytime especially if you get older.

So make sure that you have Depend Underwear anytime.

Samples are being offered today for FREE!

So click the “Snag This” link and get one now!

To buy more, shop on Amazon.

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FREE Poise Liner or Pad Sample Kit

Feel more confident!

Count on Poise pads to prevent bladder leakage.

Get a FREE Poise Pad Kit!

Just click the Snag This link and then click “Get A Free Sample” on the following page.

Check the great prices if you buy them from Amazon.com!

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Free Prevail Samples

Choose from a wide variety of free samples from Prevail!

It really could happen to anyone, but it doesn’t have to be an issue.

Try these free samples if you may be suffering with loss of bladder / bowel control.

Click the “Snag This” link now and fill out the short form to get yours now!

If you’d like to buy more of this product, shop on Amazon!

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FREE TENA Overnight Sample Kit

Powerful, Absorbent, Comfortable… you can rest easy without worrying about leaks.

Just click Snag This now & then click the “try it free” tab!

This Kit Includes:
1 TENA Serenity Overnight Pad
1 TENA Overnight Underwear -Medium
1 TENA Overnight Underwear -Large
1 TENA Overnight Underwear – Extra Large

To buy more TENA products, shop on Amazon.

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FREE Artificial Grass Sample

You just might need artificial grass sooner than you thought.

Try PreGra Artificial Grass for the highest quality around!

You can get a FREE sample of artificial grass, approximately 5 inches x 7 inches in size.

Just click the”Snag This” link and look for the “Request PreGra Grass Samples” button.

Enter a valid email address and look out for a confirmation email!

Love Yae wheat grass? Buy more and save big at Amazon.com!

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FREE Amsety Organic Protein Bars

Amsety wants you to try their amazing organic products.

These nutrition packed protein bars make an awesome healthy snack!

Amsety Bars come in two delicious flavors: dark chocolate and peanut butter.

They use only the finest ingredients with top local suppliers, manufactured in sunny California!

Click the “Snag This” link now to get your FREE sample now.

For more products like this, shop on Amazon.

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FREE Morton Salt Water Test Strips

Stains on your laundry?

Film on your glasses?

You may have hard water.

Find out by ordering a free water test strip today.

Click the “Snag This” button to get yours NOW! Protect your friends!

To buy more, shop on Amazon.

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Liftoff Energy Blend FREE Sample

Liftoff Dietary Supplement fights fatigue and improves mental performance.

It contains 100% of your daily supply of antioxidant Vitamin C and more than 100% of your Vitamins B6 and B12 for enhanced energy production.

Click the “Snag This” link and fill out the form to get your FREE sample now!

Check out this deal on a very similar product here at Amazon!

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FREE Danforth Diamond Ring Sizer

Take the guesswork out of shopping for rings.

Make sure you’re buying the right size rings for your significant other with our free ring sizer.

Simply click the “Snag This” link and fill out the short form for the FREE ring sizer from Danforth Diamond.

It should arrive at your address within 3-5 business days.

Also, once you’ve found your ring size. Buy one on Amazon.

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