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Why haven’t I received any samples yet?

Be patient. Companies usually opt for the longest (cheapest) shipping methods so it often takes about 8-12 weeks for samples to come in. Keep snagging samples! After about 12 weeks, free samples start to pour in like a tiny weekly Christmas.

Remember, we (Snag Free Samples) don’t actually send out any freebies or samples! We just link to companies and organizations that are giving things away.

Many companies won’t ship to a P.O. box, so make sure to list your real address.

We snag many of the freebies ourselves. Sometimes companies have sample limits, and they won’t respect any requests after that limit has been reached. The best samples often have lower quantities available, which is why it’s important to act fast when requesting samples!

Sometimes companies don’t realize how AWESOME free samples are. Often times they decide to send out free samples, then they get flooded with thousands upon thousands of requests they simply can’t handle. It can be disappointing, but companies sometimes get overwhelmed by all the sample orders that come in, and sometimes they decide they want to stop sending them out even if more people have already requested them.

Can I send you a free sample offer I found?

Of course you can! Please send any free sample offers with our contact form. Each sample will be reviewed and if it’s legit, will be posted. Remember, we only like to post samples that don’t include any fees whatsoever.

Do you send out the samples?

No. We just link to places that are giving away free samples by mail, by coupon, or other ways. We can not help you track, locate, or decide when a sample will arrive to you. Act quickly, because sometimes the samples run out soon after they come out! Sign up for our newsletter and Like us on Facebook to make sure you are notified of the freshest samples.

Do I need Facebook to get samples?

Snag Free Samples does not require Facebook to find out about new free samples. However, more and more companies that give away samples are requiring a Facebook “Like” or completion of a form on Facebook to get the sample. Since we just list sample offers and link to them, we don’t have any control over whether a manufacturer requires Facebook or not. If you have privacy concerns, maybe you could just make a Facebook account to use only for snagging samples. If you do have Facebook, be sure to like us to get updates about all the newest samples.

Do your samples ship to Canada?

Remember, we don’t send the samples out. We just find good sample offers and link to them. Some of the freebies and samples we list are open to Canada or worldwide, but the majority of free samples are available to shipping addresses within the USA.