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Home Samples

If you need items for your home or have a gift card you just cannot put to use, you will find this page to be extremely helpful. A list of coupons and discount deals has been listed to meet your needs.

FREE Prescription Pill Organizer

Snag this totally FREE pill organizer from GoodRX while they last!

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We received ours! It’s very high quality & easy to use.

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FREE Biblical History DVD

Snag FREE DVD’s!

If you’re interested in historical & technical aspects of the Old Testament this is a must have!

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Want to learn more about Biblical history and the ancient world? Check out the large selection at Amazon.com!

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FREE Appalachian Mountains Back-roads Map

Every year tens of thousands of automotive & motorcycle enthusiasts hit these mountain roads for one of America’s great driving vacations!

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FREE Nupro Natural Pet Supplements Sample!

NUPRO Really Works!

They have 27 years of proven success helping our pets be their healthiest! 

Click the “Snag This” link and fill out the quick survey telling them about your best friend, and you’ll receive a FREE sample!

Want a cool looking dog? Check this out.

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FREE Eph Apparel Tape Measure

Snag this FREE tape measure for easy at-home measurements.

Everybody could use one around the home!

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Check out the great deal on this cool sewing kit on Amazon!

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Free Summer Incense Sticks

Snag some Free Summer Incense Sticks!

The staff at Incense Zen have a passion for incense and unique fragrances.

Just click the “Snag This” link and look for the “Click For Free Incense” button near the top middle of the page.

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Snag a Free Book – “No Longer a Slumdog”

Snag this book filled with fascinating & inspiring stories.

In “No Longer a Slumdog”  actual children share their real life stories of struggle, hope and how faith intervened to save them.

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FREE Formulas for Life Dog or Cat Food Sample!

Formulas for Life makes very high quality pet foods & they want you to try their awesome stuff!

Snag a FREE sample for your pet!

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Also, want to know about things your pet can and can’t eat? Check out the Pet Consider Blog!

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Free Gourmet Freeze-Dried Entree

Now you can taste delicious gourmet freeze-dried entrees at no cost or obligation to you from the friendly folks at Daily Bread with this sample!

Safe long term food storage never tasted so good!

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It says “Offer good for Utah Residents only”, but we test ordered a FREE sample & they sent us sweet pulled pork & rice meal here in NY.

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FREE Can’t Hardly Wait Movie Rental

Check out this high-spirited house-party comedy.

Synopsis: “Relationships are broken and formed, secrets are revealed and old scores settled at a momentous high school graduation party.”

For a limited time, you can rent Can’t Hardly Wait movie from Microsoft store for FREE!

NOTE: When you rent, the viewing period is 14 days from the time of your order or 48 hours from the time you start to watch, whichever comes first.

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FREE Pool Testing Kit

Snag a FREE pool test kit from Healthy Pools while they last!

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Snag This awesome freebie for anyone you know with a pool even if you don’t have 1 yourself!

To buy more pool gear, shop on Amazon.com

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FREE Foodie Starter Pack from Ella’s Kitchen!

Just click Snag This now & sign up today for your FREE kids foodie starter pack from Ella’s Kitchen Lil’ Foodies Club and they’ll send you:

  • A coupon for $1.50 off an Ella’s pouch
  • First foods wall chart
  • Some scrumptious stickers
  • Tiny tastebud adventure map
  • New product samples

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Buy delicious products from Ella’s Kitchen here at Amazon!

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Free TNT Poster, Sticker, Magnet, Tattoo and more from TNT Fireworks Club

Get an “explosion” of perks and freebies from TNT Fireworks when you join their TNT Club.

Sign up for FREE and receive:

  • TNT Poster
  • TNT Sticker
  • TNT Magnet
  • TNT Tattoos
  • And more!

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FREE Red River Meat Marinade Sample

FREE food samples are always popular Snaggers, so don’t miss out!

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FREE Nivea Lotion Sample

Nivea is still offering an awesome FREE sample of their moisturizing cream.

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Also, check out the low price on Nivea for Men here on Amazon.com!

Based on replies from our subscribers, it takes about a month to receive this sample. If your experience is different, please let us know.

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