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Swag Samples

FREE Punisher Skateboard Stickers

Punisher Skateboards wants to send YOU free stickers!

Just click the “Snag This” link and make them yours now. They even make cool gifts!

Got a extensive sticker collection? Tell us how many you have in the comments section below!

Don’t forget to snag these sweet skateboards off Amazon Prime!

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FREE Nautica Voyage Cologne Sample

Nautica Voyage is perfect for all the men in your life!

It has a very nice clean scent, good for the summer weather.

Be one of the first 10,000 people to click the “Snag This” link and sign up for a FREE sample of this Nautica Voyage Cologne.

If you’d like to buy more products from Nautica, Amazon has great deals!


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FREE Custom Woodford Reserve Bourbon Labels

Craft your own personalized label for your bottle of Distiller’s Select and they’ll ship it to you in the mail.

Click the “Snag This” link and fill out the easy form.

Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

You could also buy these really amazing Christmas Labels.


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FREE It’s OooooooKaaaaaaay! Wristband

Get a FREE wristband in the mail by simply clicking the “Snag This” link and filling out the form!

Wristbands are either PINK or GREEN and features Kira Michels signature phrase “It’s OooooooKaaaaaaay!!!”

If you are having a bad day, just read your wristband and remember, “It’s OooooooKaaaaaaay!”

Make sure you specify which color you prefer!

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FREE In Touch Ministries Art Prints

In Touch Ministries is the online home of the ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley.

Click the “Snag This” link and sign up for FREE In Touch Ministries Art Prints!

Offer available to addresses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand only.

Limit one free set per household.

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FREE Scleroderma Awareness Wristband

Click the “Snag This” link and get a FREE Scleroderma Awareness wristband.

Scroll down the page to find the information form.

Let’s stand together as warriors as we stop Scleroderma in its tracks.

Awareness is the greatest agent for change!

To buy other wristbands on Amazon, CLICK HERE

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FREE U.S. Israel Metal Flag Pin

The Israel flag lapel pin is a great way to show your support for your country.

This dual nation flag pin showcases the special relationship between the U.S. & Israel, with our nation’s flags proudly displayed together.

Just click the “Snag This” link now, scroll down their page, & fill out the easy form to order yours for FREE while they last!

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FREE “I’m Blessed” T-Shirt

Free T-shirt offers are pretty rare, and that’s why you should jump right on this before it’s gone!

Snag a FREE I’m Blessed T-shirt by clicking the “Snag This” link and filling in your shipping info.

Don’t forget to include all of your mailing information!

To buy more t-shirts, shop around on Amazon.

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FREE SwagBag by bumpn: T-Shirt, Bag & More

Want to snag a #swagbag from bumpn?

Bumpn is an app you can use to share photos and meet new people!

Click the “Snag This” link and fill out in your information to get your FREE #SwagBag!

Don’t worry, they’ll keep your private information secure.

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FREE Mesothelioma Awareness Wristband

Snag this freebie to support those battling Mesothelioma!

If you have a family member or friend who has Mesothelioma, this is a great way to show your support.

Click the “Snag This” link and get a free Mesothelioma Awareness Wristband!

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FREE Punch Cigars Lighter

Punch cigars are one of the most sought after premium brands, delighting smokers with their robust flavor and outstanding quality.

Right now, you can get a FREE Punch Cigars Lighter!

Click the “Snag This” link and register for the Punch Cigars Brotherhood Club and you’ll get a FREE lighter!

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FREE Hoegaarden Glassware Promotion

Hoegaarden Brewery is a brewery in Hoegaarden, Belgium, and the producer of a well-known wheat beer.

Right now, you can click the “Snag This” link and get a FREE Beer Glass!

Just enter your date of birth to prove you’re over 21, fill out the short form and submit your request.


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FREE Young Americans for Liberty T-Shirt

Become a member and snag a FREE t-shirt.

To become a member, click the “Snag This” link and fill out the request form.

They’ll send you a FREE member t-shirt!

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FREE GoodRx Phone Wallet

Now’s your chance to get a Free GoodRx Phone Wallet!

Click the “Snag This” link and fill out the form to get your free GoodRx phone wallet.

NOTE: Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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FREE Promotional T-shirt

Get a FREE Promotional t-shirt!

Click the “Snag This” link and choose which shirt you want. (I choose the tie shirt)

Select your size and proceed to the checkout.

The standard shipping should be free. (Email us if they change it: nick@snagfreesamples.com)

Fill out you shipping information and your order should be on the way!

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