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Outdoor Samples

FREE Spices at Penzeys Spices

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You’ll get a surprising number of future flat-out FREE Spices and Seasonings, along with tasty recipes and useful tips.

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FREE Sticker from Fish Track

Snag This FREE “Land Sucks!” sticker today!

Even if you don’t fish, you might know someone who does, maybe you even collect cool stickers.

Fish Track is an awesome resource that helps fishermen from coast to coast to find the best times to hit the hottest fishing spots…

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Check out this great deal on a whole assortment of lures that would make a cool present for any fisherman!

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FREE Sample of Lander’s Insect Repellent

Snag a FREE sample of insect repellent from Lander’s!

Unlike most other common mosquito and pest repellents, Lander’s Natural Pest Repellent contains only natural ingredients that are totally 100% harmless.

Using a small amount throughout the day will keep 99% of all pests, including but not limited to, mosquitoes, horseflies and gnats.

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Free TNT Fireworks Club

Get an “explosion” of perks and freebies from TNT Fireworks when you join their TNT Club.

Sign up for FREE and receive:

  • TNT Poster
  • TNT Sticker
  • TNT Magnet
  • TNT Tattoos
  • And more!

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FREE Artificial Grass Sample

You just might need artificial grass sooner than you thought.

Try PreGra Artificial Grass for the highest quality around!

You can get a FREE sample of artificial grass, approximately 5 inches x 7 inches in size.

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Enter a valid email address and look out for a confirmation email!

Love Yae wheat grass? Buy more and save big at Amazon.com!

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Get a FREE Multi-Tool or Card Knife

Custom Card Tools would love to show you the quality of their products.

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They’ll send you a Muti Tool or Card Knife.

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FREE Sow True Seed 2020 Catalog & Planting Guide

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You’ll get gardening tips, seasonal advice, contests, coupons and seed info!

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Earn FREE Stuff from Valvoline

Earn FREE stuff from Valvoline!

Click the “Snag This” link and join the team.

Then, complete tasks to earn points and redeem them FREE stuff!

Free Prizes:

  • Team Valvoline Baja Stickers Two-Pack
  • Paul Menard Hero Card
  • High Mile Club License Plate Border & More!

Also, if you need to change your oil, this might help.

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FREE Nikwax Tech Wash Sample

Win Nikwax Tech Wash, the high performance cleaner for wet weather gear!

Tech Wash is a best seller in outdoor clothing aftercare.

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FREE Wildflower Seeds Packet

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Due to the importance of pollinators in our changing climate, we are taking the initiative to help restore bee and butterfly populations by offering free Black-Eyed Susan and Butterfly Milkweed seed packs.

They help to grow the plants that we eat every single day, are vital parts of the natural food-chain, and serve as ecosystem barometers due to their sensitivity to climate change.


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FREE Llama Sticker

Cotopaxi makes excellent outdoor gear, and since you probably haven’t heard of them, they have FREE swag to spread the word!

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Check out this super cool backpack from cotopaxi here at Amazon.com!

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FREE Take Off Adhesive Remover Wipes Sample

TakeOFF is the best solution for eliminating costly mistakes and messes around the house,
garage and workshop.

This product works so well, you’ll use it again and again.

Try this eco-friendly adhesive remover and you be the judge.

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Snag a FREE Hanes T-Shirt from 4imprint while they last!

That’s right Snaggers, a FREE shirt!

This time it’s no logo, you pick the color and size!


Click Snag This and follow the link, on the left side of the new page there’s a “REQUEST A SAMPLE,” tab, click that.

Then fill out the short form and add your color & size in the comments box!


So easy, so FREE!

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FREE “Watch for Motorcycles” Sticker

The Hupy and Abraham firm is passionate about motorcycle awareness & they have FREE stickers to share!

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FREE Aqua Science Water Test Kit

Protect your family away from sickness by maintaining your potable water safe, clean and free from bacteria.

Request for a WATER TEST KIT through Aqua Science to determine your water issues.

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