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Free Health Samples

Scroll through this list of health promotions and you won’t be disappointed. Whether it is free lotion samples or soap you can find it here! We work hard to ensure that you are getting the best and newest free samples.

FREE Sun-Maid Anniversary Cook Book

Enjoy delicious recipes with this FREE Sun-Maid Anniversary Cook Book.

If you have a passion for cooking, then you shouldn’t miss this offer!

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Got a craving for some raisins? Get em’ here!

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2 FREE Workout Supplement Samples from Max Effort Muscle

Snag 2 FREE workout supplement samples from Max Effort Muscle!

You can choose from…

  • Post workout lemonade
  • Pre workout kiwi strawberry
  • Energy lemon lime
  • Nootropic Amphetamax

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Free Sample of Angel’s Touch Pain Relief Cream

Snag a FREE Sample of Angel’s Touch Pain Relief Cream now!

Ever use Biofreeze? It’s pretty similar to that.

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Free Workman’s Friend Superior Barrier Hand Cream

Finally some hand cream for the working man…

Snag a FREE sample of Workman’s Friend Superior Barrier Hand Cream!

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Happy snagging 🙂

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Free Prevail Samples

Choose from a wide variety of free samples from Prevail!

It really could happen to anyone, but it doesn’t have to be an issue.

Try these free samples if you may be suffering with loss of bladder / bowel control.

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Free 3-Day Pass to Gold’s Gym

Snag a FREE pass to your local Gold’s Gym!

All you have to do is enter your name and mailing address.

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FREE Nordic Care Foot Care Cream Sample

Get a FREE sample of our Foot Care Cream!

No more cracked or callused feet, guaranteed!

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Check out this soothing foot treatment that really works!

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Free Equate or Assurance Sample Pack

Hey ladies, snag FREE Equate ultra thin cotton enhanced pads!

These new pads are equipped with Dri-Fit technology to provide more comfort and protection.

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FREE Lid O Creme Pain Reliever Sample

Lid O Creme is natural, safe and easy to use on the go.

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Don’t let mild to medium chronic pain stand in the way of your day.

Get your Lid O Creme sample, roll on and live pain free!

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FREE ProSoap Water-Activated Hand Cleaner Sample

Your hands are filthy, why haven’t you tried Pro Soap yet?

ProSoap hand cleaner is perfect around the house, garage or shop because it removes ink, paint, wood stains, grease, tar, and more.

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If you’d rather just buy a tub, here’s a great deal on Amazon.

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FREE Pack of Tampons from Kotex

Don’t miss out on this FREE sample!

Even if you don’t use them, charities, churches, & groups like the Red Cross would love the donations.

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FREE Gaia Tea Samples

Gaia still has FREE samples of their delicious gourmet tea!

They have a few quick questions about what kind you’d prefer.

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At the end, you should see a message that says “Thank you for filling out our survey. As a bonus we would like to send you a free tea sample.”

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Vegan Life Chewable Vitamins

Veg life vegan kids multiple is a premium quality multiple vitamin formula.

Kids love vegan kids’ great tasting natural berry flavor.

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FREE Poise Liner or Pad Sample Kit!

Feel more confident!

Count on Poise pads to prevent bladder leakage.

Get a FREE Poise Pad Kit!

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FREE NeilMed Sinus Rinse Bottle Kit

Neilmed Pharmaceuticals Inc is a leading manufacturer of saline nasal rinse solutions, spray and gel products.
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Complete the product training application & view the instruction video till the end
Complete the questionnaire followed by the video. Score a minimum 18 out of 20.
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