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Camping Gear Giveaway


Gear up, we’re going off the grid!

This huge new prize pack has over $375 worth of high quality camping gear.

Enter our giveaway, and you could win ALL of the following prizes:

• Serac Sequoia Hammock – A great hammock for the yard, park, or casual camping.

• Astro Air Lite 20R Sleeping Pad – Lightweight, simple, & very comfortable!

• Verve 20 Long Synthetic Sleeping Bag – Perfect for side sleeping.

To enter, click the “Snag This” link and enter your email.

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Snag a FREE bar of Dove for sensitive skin!


You can Snag a FREE full size bar of Dove moisturizing soap for sensitive skin right now!

This offer is back, so if you missed it before order yours today!

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Free TNT Poster, Sticker, Magnet, Tattoo and more from TNT Fireworks Club


Get an “explosion” of perks and freebies from TNT Fireworks when you join their TNT Club.

Sign up for FREE and receive:

  • TNT Poster
  • TNT Sticker
  • TNT Magnet
  • TNT Tattoos
  • And more!

Just click “Snag This” now & sign up to receive your gifts!

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Snag the FREE Sun-Maid Anniversary Cook Book today!


Enjoy delicious recipes with this FREE Sun-Maid Anniversary Cook Book.

If you have a passion for cooking, then you shouldn’t miss this offer!

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Got a craving for some raisins? Get em’ here!

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Free GoPro Stickers


Snag these FREE stickers from GoPro cameras today!

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FREE TENA Briefs Trial Kit


TENA products are especially designed with both your comfort & protection in mind.

You can snag a FREE sample kit from their website!

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FREE 2017 Tauck Calendar


Click the “Snag This” button and request your brochures and receive a 2017 calendar.

Just complete the request form today and they’ll send you a beautiful, full-color, 2017 Tauck travel calendar!

If you’d like to buy another calendar, try looking here.

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Free Fish Hippie Stickers


Stickers may seem worthless, but I always get super jealous when somebody has awesome stickers and I don’t.

I snag as many as I can, and you should too!

Here’s a cool one: FREE Fish Hippie stickers.

Just click the “Snag This” link, fill out a short form and it’s yours!

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CottonWork Tape Measure & FREE Fabric Samples


CottonWork handmade fabrics is giving away a Starter Kit for FREE!

Feel the smooth, quality work of their fabrics before you decide to buy.

A FREE tape measure and coupon is also included in the kit!

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Rachael Ray “Zero Grain” Dog & Cat Food


Here’s the ultimate food for all your pets needs!

If you’re having a hard time looking for dog or cat  food that has no allergic effects on them then you should give them Rachael Ray Zero Grain Dog Food.

Because pets should not eat grain.

Click the “Snag This” link to order your FREE sample while they last!

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FREE Playtex Sport Pads, Liners & Combo Packs


Note: This offer is available through October 31, 2017 if you may have missed this before.

Get your FREE sample by clicking the “Snag This” link.

Fill out the form and choose your sample.

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FREE Instantly Ageless Anti-Wrinkle Micro-Cream


Hurry, this won’t last long.

Get 1 instantly ageless sachet, enough for 2-3 applications.

Click the “Snag This” button and fill out the simple form.

See why people are going NUTS about this product.

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FREE “Feed A Bee” wildflower mix Seed Packet


You might have heard that the helpful & harmless wild American bees are in trouble…

It’s true, so Snag these seeds & you can really do something to help by planting these beautiful flowers!

Snag these FREE seeds and “bee” a hero!

On their page just scroll down & look for this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.26.19 AM

Please share photos of progress of your seeds using #FeedABee on Facebook.

To buy more seeds, shop on Amazon.

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FREE Cord Cleats for Window Blind Safety


Select Blinds has a great FREE giveaway of their child safety cord cleats!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that two-thirds of window covering cord accidents ending in death could have been prevented by simply making the cords inaccessible to children with these cleats.

Just click Snag This now and scroll down to where they say “Get FREE cord cleats” click and fill out their very short form!

They sent us a whole bag of ’em!

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NEW Snag a FREE Chicken Recipe Book & Join their $1,000 Jackpot Giveaway!

Adaptogen Tasty Whey Free Samples


Whether you are a professional athlete, bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, or just looking to take your physique to the next level, Adaptogen Science products will help you get there!

Click the “Snag This” link and fill out the form for your free sample.

If you’d like to buy fitness gear, start here.


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