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Kids Samples

FREE Tip-Over Restraint Hardware Kits from IKEA

Keep your kids safe!

You can reduce the risk of home accidents.

Click the “Snag This” link and complete the registration form on the right to receive the tip-over restraint kit for your IKEA chests of drawers.

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Free Sample of Cuties Diapers

Some children might wear a different size than their weight suggests.

Cuties refastenable tabs adjust to perfectly fit your child, so there’s no need to worry about the diaper sliding out of place — your baby has the freedom to explore their world.

Click the “Snag This” link now and scroll to the bottom of the page, to find the form where they’ll send you a FREE sample to try out.

Cuties is a trusted brand that not only takes care of your baby, but the environment they’ll grow up in.

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Possible FREE Stretch Island Organic Fruit Strips

Stretch Island Organic Fruit Strips are an oh-so-delicious option when hunger strikes

These organic fruit strips are made with simple ingredients, real fruit taste, and mindful nutrition.

Each strip packs ¼ cup of fruit per serving, so you know your little ones are getting the nourishment they need.

Sign up for Moms Meet Ambassadors for a possible sample.

Click the “Snag This” link to sign up now!

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FREE Geburt 4 in 1 Diaper Bag

40 years experience combined to make the ultimate diaper bag

For a limited time only, they are offering a chance to earn a FREE Geburt Diaper Bag!

Simply click the “Snag This” link and sign up.
Then, share your referal links with your friends or on your social media

More shares equal more discounts, for you and your friends!

Share with 20 friends and get a FREE bag!

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FREE Birthday Phone Call from Nick Jr. Character

How cool would it be to get a birthday phone call from Nick Jr. Character?

Right now, you can sign up for one FREE by clicking the “Snag This” link and joining the Nick Jr. Birthday Club.

Your child’s favorite Nick Jr. character will give you a personalized birthday phone call!

You’ll also get free birthday printables your kids will love & bonus access to Nick Jr. Fan Club exclusives.

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Enfagrow FREE 10 oz. Sample

If you have a child under the age of 12 months you can snag a FREE 10 ounce sample direct from Enfomil.

Just click the “Snag This” link now & fill out the form to order yours before they run out!

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Check out this deal on more here at Amazon!

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SUNY Cortland Kids Club Free T-Shirt

How would you like your kids to be a member of an exclusive club just for young Red Dragon sports fans?

Click the “Snag This” link and join the Cortland Kids Club, and you’ll get the opportunity to cheer on the Red Dragons for the 2016-17 season.

You will also receive a Kids Club membership card and a FREE Kids Club T-Shirt!

Membership is FREE!

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FREE Coloring Bookmarks from In Touch Ministries

Share The Joy Of Coloring!

Click the “Snag This” link and get a set of bookmarks that will spark your creativity.

So grab your markers and colored pencils, and color to your heart’s content.

NOTE: Send the second one to a friend so they can join the fun!

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FREE Sample Bag of Naty Eco Diapers

Click the “Snag This” link and  join the Naty Ambassador Program.

All you have to do is refer 3 friends and then look for the  the ‘Continue’ button near the bottom of the page.

Make sure you complete the sign up form!

For more cool kid stuff on Amazon, CLICK HERE

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FREE Chicago White Sox Kid’s Club Membership

Snag all kinds of FREE MLB baseball swag!

The Chicago White Sox are giving away free kids club memberships right now! If there’s a little baseball fan in your life don’t miss out on this giveaway from a classic MLB team!

Just click Snag This now and fill out the easy form!

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Buy Chicago White Sox or any other MLB team gear here on Amazon.com today!

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Possible FREE Ripple Kids Milk

Products made with lots of sugar are not healthy choices for your kids

This rich, creamy, delicious non-dairy milk is made without a lot of sugar.

Sign up for Moms Meet Ambassadors for a possible sample.

Available in vanilla and chocolate, two flavors your kids will surely love!

Click the “Snag This” link to sign up now!

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FREE Foodie Starter Pack from Ella’s Kitchen!

Just click Snag This now & sign up today for your FREE kids foodie starter pack from Ella’s Kitchen Lil’ Foodies Club and they’ll send you:

  • A coupon for $1.50 off an Ella’s pouch
  • First foods wall chart
  • Some scrumptious stickers
  • Tiny tastebud adventure map
  • New product samples

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Buy delicious products from Ella’s Kitchen here at Amazon!

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Free Bowling for Kids All Summer (Ages 2-15)

Thinking of something exciting for your kids this summer?

How about introducing to them the fun and excitement of the Bowling Sport.

All across the US and Canada kids can bowl free DAILY for 2 games during the whole summer.

Click the “Snag This” link, and then click which state is yours to see if your local bowling alley is participating.

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Free Children’s DVDs: “Tales of Donkey Ollie”

Want a FREE Children’s DVD?

How about 15?!

That’s right, they’ll send you 15 copies of 3-D animated Tales of Donkey Ollie. 

All you have to do is fill out a shipping form and they are yours!

Click the “Snag This” link and get yours now.

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FREE Killing Floor Computer Game Download

FREE for a limited time!

Click the “Snag This” link and download your FREE Killing Floor Computer Game!

Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong.

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