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Free Pet Samples

Do you love spoiling your pet? Here, we make it easy for you. You can snag free samples and coupons of treats and chow. All of you animal lovers will love this page!

Free Meow Mix Irresistibles Treats

Snag these FREE Meow Mix Irresistibles treats for your little feline!

Just take a picture or video with your cat and upload it with the order form to get FREE cat treats!

Click Snag This now and then scroll down to where you see this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.53.54 AM

Follow the instructions, and enjoy!

Please help us out, share your favorite samples (like this one) on Facebook by clicking the blue “F” on the left of the page.

Check out the prices of 16lb bags here on Amazon Prime!

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FREE Sample of FetchFuel for dogs

Love your dog?

Want your dog to live a long and healthy life?

Try a sample of FetchFuel, a tasty all in one joint and coat supplement.

FetchFuel comes in a easy to use squeeze bottle and is designed for dogs all ages and sizes.

Click on the “Snag This” button and fill out the simple form!

For more FetchFuel on Amazon, CLICK HERE

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FREE Don’t Leave Dogs in Hot Cars Wristband & Sign (US Only)

The image speaks for itself: when you leave a pet inside a hot car the damage can be irreversible and often fatal.

Help spread animal awareness and support the animal loving community by snagging a FREE wristband and sign.

All you have to do is add the Givebuy add-on to your browser. It’s safe (verified by the Chrome, Safari & FireFox stores), free, and you’re showing support for getting dogs OUT of hot cars!

After you add the ad-on, just supply your shipping address and they’ll verify if you did it.

Don’t want to use their add-on? You can still get a wristband by donating to the charity campaign.

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Free Milk-Bones with Photo Submission of Pup

Take a photo of you and your pup being active and they’ll send you FREE Milk-Bones!

Just slap it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MilkBoneMorning and they’ll send it right to your door.

Click the Snag This link and grab yours now!

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Free New Peta2 Stickers (USA, UK & Canada)


Check out these brand new stickers you can grab for FREE from Peta! You can get them for free in the USA, UK, and Canada. You can also sign up every 30 days for more stickers if you want.

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Free FortiFlora Dog Food Samples (USA & Canada)


Snag up 5 sachets of FREE dog vitamins from FortiFlora. They’ll ship it right to ya, whether you’re in the US or Canada, this freebie is for you!

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Free Spider Chart


Don’t you wanna know if those little creepy crawlies can hurt you? Snag up a free Spider Chart and first aid info. The first aid info is emailed to you and the Spider Chart is mailed.

Click the Snag link below to get yours now!

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Free Cat Food & Discount Offers


Rachel Ray is known for her outgoing food personality, but this time she’s offering some FREE cat food! There’s free cat food, offers for discounted dog & cat food, and a few more goodies you can snag up.

Click the Snag link below to get some FREE canine and feline goodies today.

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Free One & Done Sample for Dogs / Cats


If your dog or cat hates diarrhea as much as you do, you’re gonna wanna grab this freebie and give it a try! One & Done is an oral gel for your canine or feline in the case of diarrhea. Learn more and get a FREE sample too by clicking the Snag link below.

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Free #GetTough on Dog Fighting Stickers (US Only)


Dog fighting makes me sick, the fact that somebody could do those things to any animal is hard to think about. Support the fight against dog fighting and Snag up a FREE sticker while you’re at it.

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Free LitterPal Corner Kit (US Only)


The LitterPal Corner kit is perfect for your LitterPal box. It keeps the whole box downright and in place, so you can keep all of your litter box goodies where they should be.

Click the Snag link below to get hold of one now!

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Free Doggie Poo Bags

Do you have a lovable canine or do you know one? Well you know they could always use some bags for picking up their doo-doo in, after all it’s illegal in some places and frowned upon in most. Get some free flushable, biodegradable doggy poo bags by clicking the Snag link below!

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Free Friskies Cat Food & Sweepstakes Entry


Get a FREE sample of Friskies cat food and you’ll also be entered in their Vegas sweepstakes! Just click the Snag link below and spin to win some yummy cat food for your kitties!

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Free Powder 4 Paws Sample


Ever heard of Powder 4 Paws? It’s a great California Carrot supplement for your canines! It’s got a ton of great things for your dog in it, including fiber, but check it out now by clicking the Snag link below.

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Free Chesapeake Dog Vitamins Sample


Give your dog what they need with a FREE FortiFlora dog vitamin sample! If your dog loves it you know where to get more too. Click the Snag link below to get your free dog vitamins from Chesapeake Animal Hospital. Samples contain 5 sachets.

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