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New Purina Petcentric Free Newsletter

Posted by on March 6, 2017

New FREE pet sample included for your fur friend!

Do you have a lovely little fur friend?

I do, that’s her in the picture – her name is Layla and she isn’t nearly as innocent as she looks.

Sometimes she gets into the trash (all the fricken’ time), and sometimes she gets fleas or eye infections.

But what do you do when your favorite thing on the planet can’t even tell you what’s wrong?

How do you even know if it’s worth going to the Vet and paying $$$ for them to tell you he’s just a good boy?

You get answers from experts and stay informed – and you can do that by signing up for the Purina Petcentric Newsletter.

I signed up for the Purina Petcentric the very second I saw it.


You get EVERYTHING mentioned above plus exclusive special offers, new product information, and a steady influx of fresh cat and dog photos. 

Click the Snag This link and take 10 seconds to sign up now.

P.S. There’s no ads on the site, but you need to turn Ad Blocker off if you have it for access.

P.P.S. You get double points if you sign up & send me a pic of your animal 🙂

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