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New Pinecone Research -Evaluate & Snag FULL Size Products, Earn $3 per Survey + Enter Sweepstakes

Posted by on February 7, 2017

My favorite freebie of all time was a FULL bottle of Guicci Guilty perfume. The bottle would have cost at least $50 if I’d bought it in a store. That one I got from Pinecone research. Anybody looking to make a little extra money would like them… And, when they send a freebie for you to test, it’s always a full size, not a little skimpy one.                              –Emaill  from a Snag Free Samples subscriber

Pinecone Research lets you take full advantage while you reap all the rewards!

You can earn $3 per survey and even earn other rewards along the way.

You can even win their bi-weekly sweepstakes JUST by signing up, which include cash prizes.

You can test and evaluate full-sized product samples for FREE from the comfort of your own home, while giving feedback that will help influence tomorrow’s products.

Best of all, you can sign up now by clicking the Snag This link 🙂

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